The Summer Swimsuit Season and Your Body – How to Make a Splash Without a Care

The Summer Swimsuit Season and Your Body – How to Make a Splash Without a Care

Women’s magazines love this time of year. They get to print stories about looking your best this summer, or how to get that fresh summer look, but mostly the articles are about how to get the perfect swimsuit body. Apparently women only care about their bodies when it’s warm out, and seemingly there is only one acceptable way to appear in a swimsuit. We all know the beauty standard trotted out by the fashion industry is nearly impossible to achieve. Millions of dollars and hours are spent in an attempt to get into shape before hitting the beach or the pool because we are made to feel as though we shouldn’t show up “as is”. Well kudos to Amy Shumer for standing up to internet trolls making nasty comments about a candid shot of her in a black swimsuit and to Sports Illustrated for finally putting a “full-figured” model on their cover – it is empowering. Finally. Now it’s time for women to honestly believe that, no matter how you look, nothing, including your own hang-ups, should stop you from having fun this summer. Just be who you are.

The Mind – Body Connection

I am all for eating healthy and getting exercise, but these behaviors should be conducted as an authentic part of your life, not in a rushed effort to look good in a bikini or a skimpy summer outfit. So how do you stay healthy while maintaining a healthy outlook on your true self? It’s all in the frame of mind you have before you make any changes and it’s in your motivation to make those adjustments. Are you already happy with who you are? Do you love yourself? Not feeling good about your size or your looks is one thing, but do you still love the person that you are?

If you are happy with the real you, then you are more likely to be motivated for the right reasons when it comes to a an exercise routine or to making a shift to eating healthy. Health and looks are two very different things. Focusing on health is good for you, but being overly concerned with your looks can be self-destructive. Isn’t it what’s at your core that matters? Your true spirit, your intelligence, and your humor don’t change when you gain or lose weight.

It’s that spirit that will shine through as you stroll the beach, sit by the pool, or attend that bar-b-q. It’s that undeniable, intangible quality that draws people to you. Focus on that.

See the Good In Yourself

Wouldn’t it be empowering to be able to say to yourself “ I am healthy, so the way I look is fine.” It would be nice to look in the mirror and feel positive about what you see. Don’t look at those magazines, or view re-touched photos of stars and lament your body. Pay attention to the way your friends interact with you, or how your spouse views you. Evaluate what you achieve each day and believe that you are worthy.

Unfortunately women often have a hard time believing they are fabulous the way they are, even when others tell them so. Do we mistrust each other so much, or do we somehow have a distorted view of ourselves that can’t be erased?

Listen to your friends and loved ones when they compliment you and support you – be who you are. Know that you have things within you that make you unique and special and the rest will fall into place. Anything else will cease to matter if your true self can shine through.

Let Go

We are all our own worst critics. If you can let go of the constant focus on the exterior, then you allow your inner beauty to shine through. One thing those magazines also like to publish articles about is how beautiful real confidence can be, regardless of looks. Now that’s an article to pay attention to. While our overriding goal shouldn’t be to achieve a certain beauty standard, inner beauty is something universally recognized and appreciated, it is worth striving for. Go for it, make a splash this summer as the authentic you.

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